Welcome to ClassicNevada Stamps
and Supplies.  
We carry a nice range of Stamps
and Supplies for your general Philatelic needs.

Almost everything that you see on this site is
available in our retail space located inside
Antiques & Treasures Downtown
151 N. Sierra, Reno, Nevada 89501

Or our NEW Retail LOCATION right across theStreet
28 w. 2nd St. (between Sierra & Virginia)

We are not like Mystic, Kenmore, Jamestown,
Zillionsofstamps or other large stamp supply
houses. We offer normal stamps to regular
stamp collectors at reasonable prices.  My prices
are generally well below Scott's with a few
exceptions.  And I don't make up artificially low
prices by overcharging on shipping and handling.

Also, what you see is what you get and since I
am not an APS certified Appraiser, what you see
is what you get.  I almost always err on the side
of caution when selling stamps and if you need
more photos or information, I am happy to
provide it.

I don't sell very much on Ebay, have a lot of
auctions, have a booth at any of the big stamp
shows, or carry the really expensive stamps.  

But I do have a chance to come across some
really nice collections from some really great
people.  These are the source of stamps and
product that you will see featured on this website
and in my store.  

If you want stamps that I don't have in stock, I
will try to track them down for you from members
of our very active local club,

We have between 35 to 50 people attend each of our
twice monthly meetings and have a great time talking
about, buying, selling, trading and enjoying stamps.

For more information on NSSS, please click the link
on the right hand side of the page.
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